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Boże Święty, dni prze­ciekają mi przez pal­ce, a nie mam się czym pochwalić. 
— William Wharton
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Ben Carson is such a great example of how the concept of raw intelligence doesn’t exist, and that people can have wildly varying types of intelligence. This man is the best brain surgeon in America. Possibly the world. He invented a new way to treat seizures. He separated conjoined twins in a surgery that everyone else said was impossible. And he thinks going to prison makes you gay. He thinks the pyramids were grain silos built by the biblical Joseph.

So maybe you suck at something because in one area you’re Ben Carson The Politician but in another area you might be Ben Carson The Neurosurgeon.

this is tremendously inspiring and utterly horrifying at the same time

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you can literally lay in bed and eat a block of cheese like an apple and it’s not illegal

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